Where to find blockchain jobs

Where to find blockchain jobs

Jobs in blockchain have now entered the mainstream, with huge demand for experienced professionals. Where can you find the best opportunities, from entry level blockchain jobs up to most competitive positions?

Why should you work in blockchain?

A career in blockchain is fast-paced, exciting, and offers the chance to work with some of the brightest minds and most important and impactful emerging technologies in the world. Aside from getting in on the ground floor of the industry, and potentially helping build the next unicorn tech company, rates of pay tend to be significantly better than equivalent roles in other sectors.

Where can you find crypto jobs?

Now that jobs in blockchain have become part of the regular recruitment landscape, you’ll find opportunities on popular jobs portals like Indeed.com and LinkedIn. But there are also plenty of other ways to find and apply for good roles.

For a more grassroots approach, get involved in crypto forums and social media communities. These are often a good way to access entry-level blockchain jobs and build your presence and reputation. You will also find lots of opportunities on crypto freelancer sites.

Top ten blockchain jobs sites

Where to learn blockchain skills

You can learn many of the skills you need for entry-level blockchain jobs on dedicated courses. If you already work in software development, security, or other relevant positions, you will likely have some of the experience you need for certain roles.

However, there will be plenty you just can’t learn in formal education. Immersing yourself in the sector and its technologies is the only way to go. Explore the wealth of online resources available, try out coding and building your own apps and services. You’ll find many helpful developers and experts online who can point you in the right direction and give feedback on your projects.

Salaries for blockchain jobs

Pay for jobs in blockchain tends to be in the region of 10-30% higher than in comparable roles in other sectors. This is true even of internships (which are more likely to be paid) and entry-level blockchain jobs, while the top positions can command $150-200,000 per year or even more. There may also be significant perks, bonuses and equity offers for the most specialist opportunities. Some of the best-paying technical roles include blockchain developers and data scientists (averaging $175,000 salaries), while non-technical jobs include marketing managers ($175,000) and other communications roles.

Building your career in blockchain

With the explosion of interest in crypto technology, this is the ideal time to start exploring jobs in blockchain. At present, demand for top roles (and even entry-level blockchain jobs) outstrips the supply of qualified individuals, so anyone who is prepared to step outside their comfort zone and learn some new skills have an advantage over the competition.

Due to the nature of the field and the way these projects come together in online communities, it’s easy to get involved at any level you want to – as an observer, a learner, offering your skills in a casual capacity in software development or other areas, or in a more formal way.