Top 10 remote jobs for 2020

Top 10 remote jobs for 2020

Jobs that allow you to work remotely were once in the minority, a niche career choice or the preserve of a privileged few. With the rise of the internet and improved communications and productivity tools, more and more people are working from home – with the coronavirus pandemic only accelerating an existing trend. The best remote jobs now pay as well as their office-based counterparts.

As more people are furloughed or lose their jobs, interest in remote and on-demand work has steadily increased. Employers have accepted the new reality, and although some jobs aren’t suited to remote work, many firms have embraced the new norm and even encouraged their people to work from home. There is now a vast range of opportunities, with the best remote work jobs covering almost every sector and industry, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in your working life.

What are the best remote jobs?

1. Software developer

Unsurprisingly, coders will find it easier than almost anyone else to secure one of the best remote jobs. Designing and developing applications is ideally suited to work online.

2. Web developer

Creating web services is an important subset of software development, and is more suited to those with more limited skills – plus you can pick up more tools and programming languages along the way.

3. Web designer, UX/UI design

Some of the best jobs that can be done remotely will combine graphic design skills with coding. You’ll also need to understand how user interfaces work and how to optimise the user journey.

4. Copywriting and communications

If you have a way with words, content creation is a good way to find remote work opportunities – and you’ll need nothing but a laptop and internet connection.

5. Graphic designer

Alternatively, if you have a flair for the artistic and are familiar with design software, there are many great opportunities for designers – from creating simple sketches to complex 3D animations.

6. Digital marketer

You’ll be promoting companies and products through a range of advertising strategies, from simple ad purchases to more complex, data-driven campaigns.

7. Social media manager (SMM)

Another great job that can be done remotely, especially if you’re well acquainted with various social media platforms and comfortable creating and commissioning the kind of content their audiences want.

8. Translator

If you’re fluent in another language, there will be good opportunities to put that to use translating content of all kinds, from blog posts and live calls to white papers and corporate documents.

9. Teacher/tutor

Passing on your own knowledge to small groups or in webinar classes is another good choice for an online career if you have the right background.

10. Customer support

Lastly, the customer service industry has made good use of remote technologies and processes, and there are plenty of entry-level and more senior opportunities available.

The best time to start your remote career

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the move towards remote work as a way of life, and that’s not likely to change any time soon. The good news is that employers and employees alike are realising the benefits of working from home, reducing time spent commuting and improving work/life balance.

The best remote careers may be even more fulfilling and well-paid than your previous jobs, due to the fact that online employment allows you to access opportunities from all over the world – not just within commuting distance. There is also the chance to craft an entirely new kind of lifestyle, working multiple jobs in a portfolio or taking on successive short-term opportunities, rather than tying yourself to one company; at the very least, you can take on a side job to earn a little extra cash.

You may need to show flexibility in working across time zones, and learn to use new collaboration tools, but these are a small trade-off for the benefits on offer. With hindsight, 2019 may prove to have been ‘Peak office’.