The Top 10 Skills Needed for Crypto Jobs

The Top 10 Skills Needed for Crypto Jobs

As blockchain technology moves into the mainstream, it’s no wonder that cryptocurrency jobs are becoming more and more sought-after. These opportunities lie at the cutting edge of technology and afford successful applicants the chance to build and promote products of huge significance – getting in at the earliest stages of the next Facebook or Google equivalents. And, while even entry-level blockchain jobs pay well above comparable jobs in other sectors, they are often remote positions, allowing employees to work from anywhere around the world.

Working for cryptocurrency therefore offers a series of benefits, but also requires hard work dedication and, often, some specialist skills.

Hard skills

Blockchain is a unique field, and while many skills are transferable, you’ll need to apply them within this new framework. In other cases, highly specific blockchain-related expertise will be needed. Here are some of the skills you might find helpful for pursuing a career in cryptocurrency.

  • Understanding blockchain. Whatever your role, you’ll need at least some grasp of blockchain technology – though depending on the job, it may not need to be extremely detailed.
  • Coding and smart contracts. This is a technical field, and many jobs require blockchain development experience. Ethereum developer jobs will need smart contract programming skills (Solidity).
  • UX design and web development. At the front end, UX tools (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) will be helpful, without too much adaptation from what you’d need in other sectors. On the backend, Node.js, Go, Python, Scala and other languages will be valuable.
  • Data analysis. The blockchain records a wealth of information, and if you have a background in data science you may be eligible for some of the top careers in cryptocurrency.
  • Security and Cryptography. These skills will always be useful for any technical blockchain role.

Blockchain jobs

Blockchain is the #1 hard skill listed by LinkedIn for 2020, and there are a huge range of entry-level cryptocurrency jobs and more senior vacancies. According to market analysis site CAGRValue, some of the top blockchain jobs and skills include:

  1. Blockchain developer (including Ethereum developers). You’ll need one or more programming languages, including smart contract languages (Solidity).
  2. Blockchain engineer. You’ll be designing blockchain systems, so a software engineering background or computer science background will be useful.
  3. Data scientist. Coding experience and deep knowledge of blockchain technology required.
  4. Security architect. You’ll need to know your way around online security through work in a relevant field.
  5. Machine learning engineer. Knowledge of data processing algorithms; Masters/PhD in computer science often required.
  6. Web developer. Strong knowledge of Python, JavaScript and other languages (e.g. Solidity for Ethereum developer jobs).
  7. Research analyst. Coding skills and broad knowledge of blockchain.
  8. Financial analyst. Bachelor’s degree and a licence to practice from the relevant regulator.

Soft skills

Aside from these hard skills, you’ll benefit from various soft skills, too. This is true even in a technical role, but vital if you’re looking at cryptocurrency jobs in marketing, community management, and so on.

  • Willingness and aptitude for learning. Blockchain is a fast-moving field, and there’s always more to learn. You’ll need to stay up-to-date with what’s going on, and learn about areas of the technology you haven’t got to grips with before. Being a self-starter is vital.
  • Collaboration. Since you’ll be operating in small groups, and probably with a high level of responsibility, it’s critical that you work well with other people. This can be more complicated if you’re working remotely, and across different time zones.
  • Creativity. Whatever your role, technical or non-technical, you’ll need to find new and effective ways of articulating ideas and solving problems. The ability to think outside the box will serve you well.
  • Communication. Careers in cryptocurrency require that you work with ideas that most people find complex and outside of their normal frames of reference. The ability to describe difficult concepts in a simple, compelling way will be hugely valuable.

Final thoughts

You’ll find a wide range of cryptocurrency careers available on any large recruitment site, from entry-level blockchain jobs to specialist and highly-paid technical roles like data scientists and system architects, as well as marketing and comms roles. Whatever career you pursue, you’ll need to be highly motivated, hard-working, prepared to learn fast, and at home working either on your own or in a group. Good luck!

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