Major Ambassador program updates: $3,000 prize fund and Telegram bot

Major Ambassador program updates: $3,000 prize fund and Telegram bot

Greetings, community! We’ve got some important updates on our Ambassador program that we want to share.

Apart from regular chat activities, you can now use our Telegram bot to receive tasks and XP points.

Here’s a quick FAQ.

Where do I sign up for the bot?

Go to your Telegram and send a message to our bot @chrono_amba_bot to get precise instructions.

What type of tasks will the bot assign to me?

Typical tasks will include writing a post about LaborX products on Instagram or Facebook, following us on social media, making a LaborX related video, etc.

What’s the prize fund?

The initial $3,000 prize fund will be shared by 60 participants. But there will be more!

When will the prize pool be drawn?

Complete tasks in our bot from August 1st to August 30th, and you will be eligible for the rewards.

Besides, you can also earn XP by inviting people to sign up for our bot: we give 5XP for each person you bring in.

How to get your reputation points

Invite a referral - 5 XP

Subscribe to Chrono's telegram channel - 1XP

Subscribe to Chrono's telegram chat - 1XP

Subscribe to LaborX's telegram channel -1XP

Subscribe to Chrono's Twitter - 1XP

Follow LaborX's Twitter - 1XP

Subscribe to Chrono's Coinmarketcap - 1XP

Subscribe to Chrono's MEDIUM EN - 1XP

Subscribe to Linkedin Chrono - 1XP

Message about Laborx in Telegram - 1XP/3 times a day

Make a Chrono-related meme - 2XP

Сomment on Coinmarketcap - 2XP/once a day

Tweet about Laborx Job opportunities - 5XP/once a day

Tweet about any of Chrono's products - 5XP/once a day

Article on medium/reddit - 5XP/once a day

Post an Instagram Story - 5XP/once a day

Video about Laborx in TikTok/YouTube/Instagram- 15XP/once a day

Video about in TikTok/YouTube/Instagram - 15XP/once a day


TOP 1-3 = $200 per user

TOP 4-10 = $100 per user

TOP 11-30 = $50 per user

TOP 31-50 = $25 per user

TOP 51-60 = $20 per user

The sooner you sign up and message our bot @chrono_amba_bot, the more XP you’ll be able to earn.

Good luck with your treasure hunt, and see you on Telegram!