Looking Ahead: Chrono.tech's Ecosystem Expansion and 2024 Roadmap

Looking Ahead: Chrono.tech's Ecosystem Expansion and 2024 Roadmap

Chrono.tech, a prominent player in the Web3 space, has unveiled its ambitious roadmap for 2024. Our ecosystem comprises LaborX, a cutting-edge Web3 jobs platform, TimeX, a fully licensed Plasma-based hybrid crypto exchange, PaymentX cryptocurrency wage processor, TIME Bridge Swap, and TimeWrap staking.

In this piece, we’ll uncover our 2024 goals for the main components of the ecosystem.

TIME Token

The native $TIME token, introduced in 2017, plays a pivotal role in our general structure. With a maximum total supply of 710,112.8108, it is distributed with 88% for public sale and 12% for the team. $TIME serves various purposes, including premium status on LaborX and participation in TimeWarp staking.

In 2024, we aim to launch new $TIME token integrations, fortify our ties to market makers, revive our engagements with former partners, and forge partnerships with top-tier and second-tier projects. We will also prioritize superior support for B2B partners with initiatives to facilitate job postings and provide round-the-clock assistance.

LaborX: Key Directions

A blockchain-secured platform that is changing the game for on-demand employment, Chrono.tech's LaborX stands out in the competitive Web3 market. Here's what you can expect.

Scaling the Product

Scaling the product is the top priority. Apart from growth, LaborX will be enhancing the platform's capabilities, ensuring it remains at the forefront of Web3 employment solutions.

User Growth to 200,000

LaborX aims to reach a significant milestone by expanding its user base to 200,000. The user growth will be a testament to the platform's appeal and effectiveness in connecting Web3 talents with recruiters.

Tier-1 Partnerships for B2B

Beyond individual users, LaborX aims high, seeking Tier-1 partnerships for its B2B product, the HR Module. The vision extends to creating a robust ecosystem where businesses find the best talents seamlessly.

Paid B2B Commission

LaborX will introduce a new concept – a paid B2B commission for job postings. The move to align incentives will be strategic, creating a thriving marketplace for job opportunities.

LaborX: Marketing Goals

When it comes to 2024 marketing, LaborX adopts a pragmatic approach, ensuring impactful results. This efficiency is reflected in our ongoing and upcoming multifaceted marketing strategies.

Targeted Advertising

LaborX strategically invests in targeted advertising across major platforms—Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, and Twitter—ensuring visibility among the right audience.

Ambassador Program

We keep harnessing the power of advocates through our Ambassador Program, turning users into active promoters. This organic approach creates a network of voices, amplifying the reach of LaborX within the Web3 landscape.

Referral Program

Our referral program will foster organic growth through user recommendations, expanding beyond the user base by cultivating a community-driven promotional model.

Partnership Development: Charting Growth Trajectories

Our partnership development strategies are geared toward propelling Chrono.tech and LaborX.com into the spotlight of Tier 1 projects within diverse segments of the Web3 ecosystem.

Broadcasting Across Ecosystems

The primary goal is to broadcast Chrono.tech and LaborX.com within the informational space of Tier 1 projects, encompassing blockchain networks, protocols, DeFi, DEXes, CEXes, and dApps. This strategic positioning facilitates heightened exposure and recognition.

Scaling Within Specific Ecosystems

Following the introduction of LaborX into a specific ecosystem, our focus shifts to scaling the project within that ecosystem and fostering collaboration among its various participants. This approach ensures deeper integration.

Engaging with Industry Leaders

We concentrate on forming partnerships with industry leaders possessing significant market share and strong brand recognition. These collaborations open avenues for impactful interactions and mutual growth within the Web3 domain.

Targeting Popular Communities

Thriving communities are at the forefront of our partnership initiatives. By integrating with communities that boast substantial user engagement and brand loyalty, LaborX positions itself as an active participant in the dynamic landscapes cultivated by these communities.

In essence, LaborX's business strategies underscore a commitment to impactful marketing, combined with strategic partnerships that position us as a key player within the vibrant Web3 ecosystem.

The Bottom Line

Chrono.tech's 2024 roadmap reflects a commitment to growth, innovation, and community engagement. As the ecosystem expands, users can anticipate exciting developments, strategic partnerships, and a continued focus on enhancing the Web3 job marketplace.

Reach out to us if your project is hiring or ready to partner. We also encourage our talents to share their thoughts and suggestions on user experience and features that might be useful.