Find a Job that Pays in Bitcoin

Find a Job that Pays in Bitcoin

If you’re interested in earning crypto, bitcoin-paying freelance jobs sites are a great way to start. These services enable you to work from anywhere in the world and get paid in cryptocurrency.

Reasons to accept bitcoin payments

There are several significant advantages to getting paid in crypto, especially as a gig worker:

  • Find work anywhere. Crypto makes it easy to transfer money between any two countries – something you can’t take for granted when using the banking system.
  • Efficient transactions. Not only does bitcoin enable truly global payments, but it’s a lot faster and cheaper to move money than an international bank transfer.
  • Build your crypto stake. This is a great way to invest in crypto without spending existing funds.

Five websites for bitcoin freelance jobs

There are plenty of options for freelancer sites that pay in crypto, with all kinds of jobs listed. Make sure you do your due diligence about the site, project and employer, though, since there are also scams out there.

1. Cryptogrind. This is a popular site that makes it easy to post or apply for jobs, for free, and has a powerful search function to help you find what you’re looking for. One important safety feature it offers is multi-sig escrow, so payments should be safely made once you’ve completed the job.

2. Crypto Jobs. Possibly the largest crypto jobs site, with a huge number of jobs listed. However, you may struggle to secure well-paying opportunities here, since there will be intense competition for just about any job.

3. BlockLancer. This is an Ethereum-specific site, so as well as focusing on jobs in the Ethereum ecosystem, BlockLancer only pays in ETH. It’s also different from other options in that it’s for freelancers to post their skills and employers to browse – not a place to post jobs.

4. CoinTelegraph Jobs. The crypto news site also offers a small number of up-market job opportunities. They’re likely to be among the most competitive and sought-after roles, but will also pay well. A good place to find the very best jobs the crypto world can offer.

5. LaborX. LaborX decentralises the process of bringing together employers and freelancers, with a smart contract-powered platform. Users sign a digital contract that formalises their agreement, including escrowing any funds to be paid. A decentralised reputation service helps users interact with confidence and, if it comes to it, there’s also a low-cost arbitration facility.

Finding a company that pays in crypto

For roles with larger companies, your job search will be much the same as in the conventional recruitment world. LinkedIn and other similar sites have lots of opportunities, with blockchain being a sought-after skill.

For smaller companies and more niche roles, a different approach can be more effective. Build your presence in the crypto world by participating on forums and in the communities of projects you like (including earning bounties), showcasing your abilities in the process. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to use that portfolio as a calling card, as and when opportunities arise. The blockchain sector is always looking for self-starters. If you’re good at what you do, you can be sure your work will be noticed and your name will come up for more formal roles.

Work for crypto: live the dream

There’s a huge range of jobs that pay in crypto out there, from remote gig work to permanent positions with a six-figure salary and token bonuses. Whatever you’re ultimately looking for, crypto freelancer sites are a great way of starting out and building skills, your CV and a portfolio of work.

Among the top advantages are the ability to work for anyone, from anywhere in the world, and of course getting paid in crypto. There are always risks to any kind of investing, but it’s a good way to dip your toe in the water and build a stake in this exciting new asset class.