TIME Token Listed On Coinbase And Coinbase Pro

TIME Token Listed On Coinbase And Coinbase Pro

Coinbase is making a huge step towards web3 recruiting and HR by listing Chrono.tech's TIME token on their exchange.

We’re excited to announce that TIME, the native currency of the Chrono.Tech ecosystem, is live on both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro – enabling millions of users to buy and sell the token with fiat and other cryptocurrencies on the world’s most trusted crypto asset platform.

Coinbase Pro

As we announced last week, users can now trade TIME on Coinbase Pro. As a conventional crypto exchange, you can place both market and limit orders. There are two pairs for TIME available on Coinbase Pro:

TIME is also available on the main Coinbase platform, which acts as a brokerage. This makes it straightforward to convert any supported crypto to TIME, quickly and conveniently. Simply deposit crypto, click Buy/Sell from the top menu, and select Convert. Then enter the asset you want to convert and select TIME for your target asset.

Please note that Coinbase supports the ERC20 (Ethereum mainnet) version of TIME. Do not try to deposit TIME tokens hosted on other networks.

Once you have purchased TIME, you can stake it in the TimeWarp contract to earn additional TIME, and use it to gain Premium status on LaborX.

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