’s 2021 Wrap-Up’s 2021 Wrap-Up

No one could deny that 2021 has been a spectacular year for crypto and blockchain. Building on and consolidating the success of 2020, the last twelve months have seen key changes in the space become well-established trends as the future for DeFi becomes clearer. has seen its ecosystem grow rapidly over the course of 2021, as the team and community have embraced the new developments the blockchain sector has brought. Some of the major highlights have been prompted by the rise of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, which has attracted millions of new users to crypto – and, in the process, introduced them to new technologies and services. Here are some of the biggest stories from this year.


TimeX cemented its position as a Top 100 exchange by volume, and remains the lynchpin of the ecosystem, providing a means for users to trade all of the tokens supported by’s blockchain initiatives.

This year brought the integration of ADVCash as a new fiat gateway, as well as the continued use and growth of our native Australian dollar solution, AUDT, giving global users new ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

Capitalising on the P2E sector, TimeX has seen numerous token listings from the blockchain gaming space, including Axie Infinity’s SLP, The Crypto Prophecies (TCP), and RisingSun (RSUN). We’ve also implemented direct Ronin integration, enabling Axie players to circumvent the costs and delays of Ethereum L1 completely by using Axie’s custom sidechain. Given the tremendous interest in NFTs and P2E, we’ve also added Enjin (ENJ), as a means for traders to gain broad exposure.

While P2E has proven to be the star of the show this year, it’s not the only use case that has shown growth and innovation. TimeX also listed SATA, the decentralised identity and authentication protocol. And, of course, there was the fantastically successful CGU token sale and subsequent CGU listing – more on that below.


One of the big developments for the Chrono ecosystem was our roll-out of the TimeWarp staking programme, which enables holders of our native currency, TIME, to stake their tokens and earn weekly rewards generated from various activities across the ecosystem. Initially implemented for Ethereum mainnet, we’ve since added support for Binance Smart Chain, and the hugely successful Ethereum L2 solution, Polygon, as rising gas costs saw the need for changes across almost every Eth-based service.

As well as passive income, TimeWarp confers Premium status on LaborX to all users – a valuable perk that allows them to earn more from every freelancer job they post or complete. There are also rewards for liquidity providers on key AMMs.

TIME Bridge

With the integration of new blockchains to our ecosystem, we needed a way for holders to transfer tokens seamlessly across chains so they could enjoy the benefits of using TIME within different ecosystems.

That’s why we launched our custom-designed TIME Bridge, which links the Ethereum mainnet, Polygon and BSC. The bridge helps knit together Chrono applications on different blockchains, leveraging different capabilities and communities to grow our network and utility, and ensuring a successful multi-chain future for the project.


LaborX has always been’s flagship product, and we’ve been excited to continue building out its functionality and integrating it more closely into other Chrono services.

A lot of the work on LaborX has been intended to make it easier to access and use. We’ve enabled users to register and sign in with both Google and MetaMask, bringing the platform into line with the DeFi industry. We’ve built out the UI with many minor improvements, added a 1inch integration, and simplified and overhauled the wallet, so that users have a more intuitive experience and can swap tokens for other currencies quickly and easily. And, like TimeWarp, we’ve added support for Polygon, following integration of BSC last year.

This step was necessary to avoid the gas fees that made ordering low-cost ‘Fiverr’-style Gigs uneconomical, but has helped to power some of our newest and most exciting features. LaborX has become a vital component of Crypto Gaming United (see below), providing access to Axie scholarships for CGU’s members.

Altogether, these upgrades and partnerships have helped drive LaborX’s user base to a total of well over 40,000, including 42,000 Freelancers and 4,700 Customers.


2021 was the year that P2E gaming exploded. Blockchain gaming is, simply, an idea whose time has come. Multiple factors, such as coronavirus-prompted lockdowns and high unemployment rates, plus traction for new technologies such as L2 solutions, have come together and seen blockchain gaming take the crypto space by storm.

Crypto Gaming United (CGU) was launched to both drive and capitalise upon this new movement. The idea is simple: pool resources in a P2E guild, equipping players to maximise their gaming revenues and rewarding those who front capital and NFTs, thereby building value for everyone in the DAO.

That vision was vindicated with a $2.5 million public token sale, held on TimeX, which sold out in just 6 seconds on 18 October. CGU token launch and listing occurred immediately afterwards.

In the following two months, CGU has already proven an incredible success. The CGU Discord has almost 100,000 players, and 5,800 gamers have accessed scholarships. CGU has integrated support for a series of P2E games and systems, including Axie Infinity, RisingSun and SamuraiRising, with a huge expansion into the ‘Samuraiverse’, WavesDucks, Aavegotchi, CryptoBots, SafeHamsters, ThunderLands, and Inite.

Along the way, CGU has also made significant investments into several gaming and NFT ecosystems, establishing close partnerships and purchasing assets in Aavegotchi, RisingSun, Metakey. The CGU token is also now listed on Olive.Cash.

In the most recent and most exciting development, Binance Smart Chain’s $1 billion growth fund made an investment in CGU, helping to power the next wave of Web3 adoption – a high note on which to end the year.

TIME token

Last, but definitely not least, the TIME token itself was one of the stand-out success stories for 2021, showing strong price growth over the course of the year.

TIME’s value was driven not only by the dramatic expansion of the whole crypto market but specifically the growth of the Chrono ecosystem. Starting the year under $2, TIME put in a 10,000% move (100x) to hit an all-time high of over $225 on 26 December – a much-appreciated Christmas present for holders!

This was very exciting for our community, OGs and new supporters alike. We’re looking forward to seeing how the TIME token continues to perform as’s ecosystem further expands into 2022.

That’s all for last year! With best wishes for the festive season, and we’ll see you in January.

The team